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Storytelling in Web3: Examples Reshaping Brand Marketing

7 Days Exploring Mexico's Copper Canyon by Train

Tips for Booking Your Train Trip Through Mexico's Copper Canyon

The best hotels in Hong Kong (

The best hotels in Mexico City in the trendiest neighborhoods ( (this is one of my websites)


The 10 Fastest Growing Towns in Montana Everyone is Talking About - AZ Animals ( (Luxury Travel on the World’s Largest Cruise Ships)

WOW! Getting Started in Web3 — Stella Bouldin ( (feature for April 2016)


Wear Your Spirit Warehouse - I wrote all their blog articles for 2022/2023

NOTE: If you want specific copywriting examples (email series, case studies, VSLs, chatbots, etc.), please use the contact form to request them.



Recognition – trip101 inspirational video

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